Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beyonce Hot Panty Upskirts Oops Pics

Here is Beyonce and her fully exposed crotch leaving Kanaloa nightclub in London just over a week ago. Beyonceisn't exactly new to this business, so she should know better than to give the paparazzi this perfect opportunity for these upskirt pictures. But this guy was probably ready as soon as that car door opened to get that panty shot as a drunken Beyonce entered. Well, I guess we should give her credit for actually wearing panties, better than most of the other skanks around these days. Hopefully Beyonce is not turning into the Britney from a couple of years ago and she doesn't do this again without underwear. Anyway, while examining these pictures closely to decide if we can actually see some of Beyonce's p@@sy or not, I came to a lost. Some of people might think we can, some others may think it is just some flabby inner thigh skin

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