Monday, April 1, 2013

Watch Full Hot Hindi Movie Ek Pal Masti Ka

We have entered in to 21st century, there have been so much of scientific achievements happenings globally, we are talking of staying on the moon, but a lot is yet to be discovered. AIDS, tells the most unsuccessful story of us. AIDS has spread very rapidly, people have no awareness or health education programmes to make them aware about this deadly sickness. Anuja takes up the cause of spreading social awareness of AIDS prevention. She and Kirit are medical students in the same college. They are engaged and about to get married when Kirit unknowingly becomes the victim of Aids. His parents disowm him. Even Anuja's parents, force Anuja to leave Kirit and get married to someone else, but Anuja denies, her parents and Kirit too accepts her. She takes Kirit to U.S.A for his treatment and also decides that she will devote her entire life for this Aids awareness and opening an Aids Foundation Center.


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