Tuesday, March 26, 2013

4 Best Kama Sutra Sex Positions

The world 'Kama Sutra' is the identity. 64 Kama Sutra sex positions is discussed. 64 is too much in itself. Obviously Pojon adopt these muscles are several ways to move. You can also try to Pojon.

Technically, it is said that sex is a magical and interesting action. We are two people in particular positions, like the law of gravity has been encouraging. It is true that sex could bore you with too tiring for you on the other hand can be fun and beneficial. Need for it in certain ways. sex can be fun instead of tedious if you try all of their beds to make positive Fiza. You will feel your partner with such Fiza extreme comfort. Note that you do these things during sex Natural ways to do everything? If so exhausting but fun and interesting for you to have sex.
You stand between her legs go and raise your legs during penetration. Penetration to come close to her gently. Also you can take a position. Give your partner lying on the bed or table and you come to the edge of his own. Partner's legs towards the ceiling, raise and do Penitret. We call this position "reverse cowgirl." spoon position you both so much difference in height will best spoon position. Both sides sit down. You keep him. Moves like fun to you - will be lost in another. This position is best for any body type. though overall it is so small that you fiercely Enjoy your sex partner in bed with. There are no special rules for bed. This rule is more important than how much love there is between the two. 

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