Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sex In 16 year Old

n 1981 The film "made for each other," the 16-year-old song Bali Umar Ko Salaam Even today people are humming with the same freshness. This age is considered the first rung of the sexual life which Parliament is engaged in legal dash. However, before Parliament Hindi cinema has welcomed the age of 16. 
It depends on the total of your Choice. But I personally think it is OK to change. I believe that the 16-year-old girls are not mature level of the mind. There is a lack of understanding. Lifetime for a girl such a mistake can lead to repentance.
Avantika Chakraborty, age -17
I do not understand that the age of sexual consent from 18 to 16 have the right to decide how much. 16 and 17 year old girls are not mature enough to have sex that they will be able to take a logical decision. The fact that this age is to focus on education and careers.I think the more mature age of 18 can consent to sex. When a girl under the age of 16 can not vote, can choose your sex partner. I do not think that's right at the age of 16 will have an understanding of sex Parton Choice. Indian society's traditions keep girls at home is very safe environment. On the other side, the age of sexual consent to 16 years is exactly the opposite decision. expert opinion of Dr. Ankita Kot health calamity as Gaincoljist I decided not conducive to consensual sex is 16 years of age. Of sex education in schools so that the country can not be given. The majority of the girls, especially in small towns and villages, girls and sexual health is absolutely Nasmjdari. The problem of unwanted Pregnensi increase. Aborsn at this age to be dangerous. Obviously Aborsn in case of unwanted Pregnensi more will come. Unsafe sex also increase the risk of HIV and AIDS.Thus increasing the chances of infection in the uterus by sex. 

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