Thursday, March 7, 2013

Selena Gomez – Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Photoshoot (April 2013)

Selena Gomez strikes a pose on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar‘s April 2013 issue,
Here’s what the 20-year-old Spring Breakersstar had to share with the mag:
On love being normal: “To me, love is normal. Of course, you see Jay andBeyoncé and you’re like, ‘Oh, my gosh, they’re perfect for each other,’ but at the end of the day their love is just like everybody else’s love.”
On believing in love: “I believe in love—yes, I’m one of those girls. Most of my friends believe in love. I went out with Katy Perry last night. She’s so fun and awesome, but it’s cool to see someone older believe in love too. She is all about it, and that’s how I will always be. I believe in stories like, ‘Oh, I met him in Starbucks.’”
On her style: “I do not give a damn what I look like, I don’t. I wish I could pay attention because Gwen Stefani, say, looks flawless. Of course, when I’m on red carpets, I’m nervous, sweaty, and weird.”
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